Neha Playways Equipments Private Limited

Pull Down Machine

As we have an efficient supply chain network, our company is able to fulfill bulk orders with ease and make deliveries on time. In order to ensure product compliance with stated quality norms, we conduct several tests at several stages.


Details :

  • Dimensions - 1600*750*2200mm
  • Color - Customizable
  • Weight - 68Kg
  • Main Tube - Normal Steel, 114mm & 3.70mm
  • Fasteners - Bolts, Nuts : Stainless Steel 304
  • Function - Strengthen the strength of muscles on the arms, chest and back. Enhance the cardiopulmonary function
  • Use - Facing the equipment and sitting down. Clenching¬† the handles firmly with two hands, trying best to let it down, then let it return showly and keeping exercising repeatedly.