Neha Playways Equipments Private Limited

Sit Up Boards

We have a team of warehousing professionals who hold in-depth knowledge and domain expertise. This unit assists us in entertaining urgent and massive requirements at a time. Staffed with latest machines and leading technology, we make certain that the material we use is as per the stated norms and meet the international standards.


Details :

  • Dimensions - 2600*1120*630mm
  • Color - Customizable
  • Weight - 70Kg
  • Main Tube - Normal Steel, 114mm & 3.70 mm
  • Fasteners - Bolts, Nuts : Stainless Steel 304
  • Function - Strengthen the strength and the flexibility of the abdominal muscles and back muscles.
  • Use - Lying in the board, hooking the bar by your feet. hand cross behind your head, take a deep breath and then do sit up exercise.